Margie Mays hát "All About That Bass" & Eddie Island hát "Đừng lo lắng cho trẻ em" – American Idol


Margie Mays hát "All About That Bass" của Meghan Trainor và Eddie Island hát "Đừng lo lắng cho trẻ em" của Mafia House Thụy Điển trong …


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  1. I honestly think that was a bad call, Margie had the best stage presence out of all of them and she really showed it with that song!! I love her so much!! And she will always be my favorite person on this season!!!!!

  2. I love Margie. That wasn't the best song for her to showcase her vocal talent but she should definitely come back next season and she could make the finale. I'm really liking Eddie a lot now too. His vibe is so cool and I love the command in his voice. I think people are underrating him at the moment.

  3. I don't care for Eddie "Island"'s personality. Something about him is just too self-secure, overconfident, to the point of coming off as cheesy. But he does have a really good voice. I thought Margie was off in this performance and unfortunately it cost her. But she handled it well. Good luck to her.

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