Dexter Roberts và Dalton Dover cống hiến hết mình cho "cơn bão" – The Voice Battles 2019


Dexter Roberts và Dalton Dover của Team Blake biểu diễn "Bão" trong The Voice Battles. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. Dalton Killed it.
    Trust me. Dont sleep on him. I better see he won this cuz in posting comment before it ends. Other guy has like a fake drawl. Dalton is real & Genuine & brings soul into country music. Much more unique

  2. This didn't feel like a wow moment battle. I felt Dalton had more skill and had more emotions in this battle and Dexter needs a wow moment that will get me up on my feet and throwing shoes. Loved Dalton and he won that round for me. Dalton has that old schooled country sound that Blake really loves and Blake did call Dalton his favorite country singer and he reminds me of Kirk. Dexter's voice sounds more current and bro country sounding that we will hear on the radio.

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