Điều gì xảy ra nếu Trump đóng cửa biên giới Mexico?


Đóng cửa biên giới Hoa Kỳ-Mexico có thể tàn phá thương mại và bơ. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. I'm just curious, as an outsider living in the US. HOW much hatred of Republicans would be enough to satisfy you? Why do you have SO MANY shows that are completely dedicated to the hatred of Republicans? And why has it remained thus for so MANY MANY YEARS? I'm truly curious.


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  3. I've seen two places where Trump made this claim about Mexico having such strong immigration policies, and within seconds he blames Mexico for all these immigrants coming through Mexico from other Central American countries. Typical Trump. If Mexico is so tough on immigration, then how are so many immigrants coming through its southern border??

  4. Trump is making the US administration a very aggressive one just to win the fear and hate the republicans have against the illegal undocumented migrants toiling within the US society. Sure: as illegals have only rights as humans but not as workers (union, health care, etc.). It´s election campaign time, and anything could be used to earn the valid vote. But the harm, to the present economy, the present society, the present world, that something is missing about moral status of a country the bullies other countries. The harm that trump is been watch by the world, might go along that today is Mexico and the three central american countries where the migrants are heading to the US southern border, but when is my country going to be faced with bullying, next. Will the US society be willing to be classified as a toxic country? I don't think so, but it is likely to happen with trump.

  5. All late night TV is trash anymore… Do we honestly need more talking heads on TV telling us how to think or feel? Entertain us, Don't pull us into a political cesspool. This kind of rhetoric is dividing America regardless of your party affiliation. Carson and Letterman was awesome…. get back to that format.

  6. Drumpf has no understanding of consequences for anything he does. He is just a bullhorn with orange hair. To the people of Michigan who cheered when he said cars will be made in Michigan once he closes the border. Really? Did the Donny parade light up an applause sign? I cannot believe that any one of you fell for his b.s.

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