Myra Tran Sings "How Far I'll Go" From "Moana" at Disney Aulani – American Idol 2019


Myra Tran sings “How Far I’ll Go” From “Moana” during the American Idol Top 40 Showcase round at the Disney Aulani resort and spa in Hawaii in…


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  1. Where was her friends and family waiting for her after?!!! I’d so be there waiting to hug such a rockstar human like her. My mom is a Vietnamese immigrant and I have the utmost respect and belief in you!!! You’re going to inspire everyone around you for the rest of your days!

  2. American Idol did you dirty, girl. That was an amazing performance and you had the audience captivated. They cheered you on more than others that even got through. Out of all of the years I've watched American Idol since the beginning, this cut has made me the most pissed. What the fuck were they thinking. I hope this girl finds success outside of American Idol. THIS WAS NOT YOUR ONLY CHANCE!

  3. She needs more professional training, her timing is all over the place, transition is jerky, for this song. That was the problem with the previous song she sang too. She got a beautiful voice. There is loads of potential.

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