Những lời thì thầm của Joe Biden làm cho ASMR khủng khiếp


ASMR có thể thư giãn. Những lời thì thầm không phù hợp của Joe Biden sau gáy phụ nữ không nhiều. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Does Biden sniff the hair of men, or plant slow lingering kisses on men's head from behind, or clasp a man's face and pull it in for a nose rub?
    He does it exclusively to women and children. He thinks it's okay to violate their space and force them into unwanted behaviour.
    Which shows he feels he is allowed to violate women and children, against their will.
    He calls it affection, but it's unwanted and he doesn't hold this "affection" for men.
    With all this taken into account, his behaviour is clearly sexual, dominant, subjugating and disrespectful.
    In short he's a sexist selfish and bigoted old man.

  2. Joe Biden is just an affectionate old man. But he's done this for a very long time. Apparently there's one common thread with the Democrats. Appear to be very friendly with women still, people like Harvey Weinstein Al franken and many many more.

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