Nick Townsend Sings "Hold Back the River" by James Bay at Disney Aulani – American Idol 2019


Nick Townsend sings “Hold Back the River” by James Bay during the American Idol Top 40 Showcase round at the Disney Aulani resort and spa in…


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  1. HONESTLY!!! I am so freaking mad at the judges right now…. they have sent home some amazing people and kept some really horrible ones… are you freaking serious! Nick Did Not deserve to go home.. you have a couple other ppl a pass for not being as good because it was the first life performance but the first time Nick doesn't do as good you send him home… honestly I feel like the judges screwed up so bad I am pissed!!

  2. He did very well but in all I give a lot of credit to this contestants but there are only a few really good singers in this season. Only couple of them have that it factor. You need to have natural singers that don't force it. The voice has better singers but this guy sang really well compared to others.

  3. Nick, hold your head up! You are an amazing guy and have an amazing future ahead of you! You are so so talented!! Thank you so much for sharing your story with us and please keep sharing it and inspiring people with it and with your voice! You ooze hope man! 💜

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