Stephen có một câu chuyện: Đi bộ trên Amy & Paul


Trước lễ kỷ niệm 20 năm ra mắt phim Người lạ ơi với kẹo, Stephen Colbert tham gia cùng hai nhà sáng tạo khác của chương trình, Amy Sedaris và Paul …


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  1. Yes please. This is the type of sincere story telling and honesty I love from Stephen. More stories like this showcasing Stephen and his heritage. This type of additional content is what the internet was made for. It's like we are getting director commentary that informs how Stephen got where he is.

  2. There aren't many celebrities I'd like to know personally, but Colbert is definitely one. Eddie Murphy is the other one. They are so naturally funny and intelligent, I think being around them would just cure all kinds of momentary depression.

  3. I would LOVE to see him pull a ginormous master level prank on those two. Make a 10min segment on his show or put it online or a short version on air and the whole thing online… Whatever I'm rambling. Get em Colbert! It'd be sooo worth it!

  4. Stephen should have Paul get a tattoo of Colbert doing finger guns on his chest, that way every time he sees himself in the mirror he can see Stephen blasting away at him reminding him of how he got him back.

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