Steve Martin Has an Idea for a Roger Stone Joke for SNL


Steve Martin talks about Seth’s recent visit to his home, reminisces on the SNL sketch he and Seth both regret and shares what it was like to play…


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  1. Roger Stone paid guys to have sex with his wife. Look it up. Trump's friend. Real nice guys. All in prison or up on charges… How many of your pals are under indictment? Impeach Trump. He's a lying bully and a bad man. Any Trump supporter needs to explain to their children how cruelty, greed and cheating, hurting people with out care is a good thing.

  2. Old school comedian legend!

    Edit: And I write that because the longer the more I miss this type of humor. They are not afraid of cracking weird ones like that hand thing at the very end! 😂

  3. He has such a GREAT sense of humor! He wrote a book, "Pure Drivel" that has a ton of funny essays in it. I notice how modern (younger) comedians tend to use a lot of self-deprecation… I really appreciate his style in that he can lean in hard in the exact opposite direction and have it be all in good fun.

  4. I’ve been alive since the 80’s and can confirm that Steve Martin hasn’t aged a day… It’s either time travel or he’s faking the fountain of youth by keeping white hair for so many decades.

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