Túi đeo chéo tháng 10! 2015


Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Đây là tất cả mọi thứ tôi có trong Túi Glamy của tôi trong tháng này! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo! IPSY: …


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  1. I feel like she might possibly get better stuff, quality products, the better end of the stick.  For the simple fact that she has so many followers on her channel. So she somewhat promotes them. Ipsy knows she does these videos so they cant send her basic products. Maybe once in a while the packaging got squoshed and something came open. happens to all of us…I have seen other videos where she says, shes over getting so many lotions, maybe she re took the quiz and ipsy stepped their game up!  STILL!! I'm no way hating. I have subscribed to her channel, I adore her personality, very beautiful vibrant young lady. Makes watching her vids super fun full of tips. Love what shes doing.

  2. they clearly watch what they put into people like you, 's…ipsy bags because they know thousands of people will watch and they want us to think we will get those types of things in ours. false advertisement. i've tried cancel ipsy for 6 months now and they still charge me. it's not worth it. i don't ever get anything worth using.

  3. I got three out of five of these products too! The liquid lipstick is definitely my favorite. When will you do a video on the November bag? I can't figure out how to make some use out of the model co highlighter trio because it's just shimmer and I don't like it!!!!!

  4. You got way better stuff girl! All I really liked was the liquid lipstick, and the bag itself. I got the lotion, an eyeliner, a funky smelling fragrance that gave me a headache, and a funky rounded bottle of nail polish. No really the bottle is round at the bottom so it has to sit on it's side. Whaa?? Sorry you're sick, feel better soon!! Xoxo

  5. i have that "HELLO FALL" On my desk at work! great minds think alike! and yes this months bag was pretty damn goood, i got the liquid lipstick, lotion like you and that was enough for me to be like hell yeah!

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