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  1. I've been following you since I was 16 now I'm 23. I have to say you have the most beautiful Asian eyes (no offense) and you're always real to them. I can't find any other Asian who can rock their eye makeup like u do. You are the best!!!!!

  2. Hi, do you ise the too faced bronzer in chocolate or milk chocolate? You wrote chocolate but the color seems darker when I looked at it in person. I'm asian too with similar skin tone as yours. I'm just starting to use bronzers and feel wary of dark bronzers. Thanks

  3. I love it! But I was curious if you had any good suggestions for which colored eyeliner pencil or black eyeliner pencil is best? High-end or drugstore? You've done a liquid eyeliner review and was wondering if you could do one for pencil eyeliner? If not it's okay:) have a good one Christine!

  4. Hi xteeener. I really appreciate it when you show the drugstore brands that can be near duplicates for high-end brands. I love the Loreal HIP line. I'm saving money for the original naked palette since the naked 3 palettes seems more limited in tonal range.

  5. so glad to see you using less foundation. i've never thought you needed it. love this look. your makeup tutorials are my favorite, hands down. i think it's because we have similar eyelids and eye shape. i'm still trying to find the perfect go-to taupe color. can you recommended a good one? preferably drugstore. thank you! xoxox

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