Làm thế nào để chúng tôi chọn hãng hàng không – Hỏi đáp du lịch


Cách chọn hãng hàng không, đối với chúng tôi, chúng tôi có một vài tiêu chí khi chọn hãng hàng không nào để bay cùng. Có rất nhiều yếu tố nhưng chúng tôi đun sôi nó xuống …


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  1. If I am going to anywhere in the U.S, Mexico, the Caribbean, or Central America then I use Southwest as they have good customer service and also two free checked bags. The next time I go to South America, or Europe I will use Delta as the last time I went to South America I used American and they were horrible.

  2. I don’t fly that often but have limited experience having flown 7 times in the last 12 years to Israel from Chicago. I flew with Lufthansa/United through Frankfort, Alitalia through Milan (twice), Iberia through Madrid, Delta through JFK, United/Air Canada through Newark and Air Canada through Toronto one way, Swiss through Zurich on return. All those flights were booked through online agencies and were not too bad. I found however that going through certain airports was a hassle JFK: some areas/gates are dingy and have downright “holding cell” feeling while waiting in them. Zurich Airport is vast and sterile, has very few places to get food, none have any vegan options, the bathrooms are far away and have only stairs to get up to the second level, and customer service is hard to find and are not very pleasant.

    I have found Air Canada to be the best way to go for several reasons:
    The flight to/from Pearson in Toronto is only 1.5 hours, the airport is modern but pleasant and the best thing is the long flight leg is on a Boeing 787 Dreamliner. The big difference with this plane compared to others is that it is 80% composite materials which means that the humidity level is 20% vs. 4% in other planes. You will notice the big difference in how you feel after 10, 12 hours in the air. It’s as if you drove with the window open for just 3 hours. The difference is very noticeable and makes the flight much more pleasant. So if your international flight’s airline uses the 787, choose it. You may have to pay more by choosing instead of letting the travel agency choose for you but the difference in price is not that much and the experience will be worth it.

  3. Amazing videos, Mark! I've definitely watched a ton of your videos recently in order to help and guide my choices for my trip to Denmark later this year. Love your videos, hope to see more about Denmark. I know you've done a couple vids already, but I really wish you'll make more.

  4. I almost always use a Star Alliance Airline, because a) I get miles, b) there aren't many other options to the destinations I want to go to, if there are any at all, c) I prefer their terminal at my home airport. 😀 (Yes, that is one of the criteria for me.) That means I am usually flying Austrian Airlines (44.7% from beginning of my records, though it did rise a little bit in the last two years.) Some flights with Lot Polish Airlines, they sometimes offer great deals, it is worth to subscribe to their newsletter. Lufthansa and Swiss make up about 20% each. This year I had my first flight with SAS (was really ok) and Norwegian. Didn't really like it, but the price was awesome. I have no problems with low cost airlines and their rules, but the crew was quite unfriendly and I didn't feel welcome onboard. That is why I probably won't choose them again. I also have some experience with Easyjet which really is ok, but they don't fly to Heathrow (from Vienna), their flight times aren't that great and with checked luggage they usually aren't cheaper.

    Next year I am likely to try out some (for me) new airlines. I haven't finished my travel plans yet, but I might fly with Air Canada and Alaska Airlines or United. I think it is often exciting to try new things and that includes airlines and airports. (and planes :D)

  5. Delta is amazing, flew them to Hong Kong last week, best flight ever, kindest flight attendants, so accommodating. We got free alcohol and a menu and a variety of food to chose from for our meals, we were also sitting in economy!

  6. I agree, we do the same. We look at price of course, but also choose by legroom, amenities, service, etc., especially for long haul flights. For anything under 4 hours we just go with the cheapest and we use Google flights to find the best time to go for the best price.

  7. I don't want to fly with Ryan Air for safety reasons. Ryan Air uses only just the right amount of fuel to reach the destination (this is cheaper because of the weight). But if the plane has to stay in the air for any longer there wouldn't be enough fuel. So far nothing has gone really wrong, but there have been minor incidents.

  8. I flew with American Airlines recently. The airplanes were pretty old, there were no personal screens and not much room for your legs. On my flight back I was in a small airplane with only 1 aisle even though it was a 6+ hour flight. It was just good enough, but I've definitely had better airlines.

  9. Hi! Love your videos, especially all the tips. Thank you for having this channel. Thanks of this video I will consider how I booked my flights and with which airline. Usually up until now I would just go with the cheapest fares in relation to other airlines. But you make a great point on the whole customer service, the space for your seat, Etc. My girlfriend and I just flew back from Amsterdam with Delta, and I must say that I was highly impressed with Delta and their customer service, the food that they fed us, and the entertainment package. It was almost perfect. I say almost perfect only because of course you go through the normal turbulence and that's what kind of makes the whole experience uncomfortable when being on an airplane, but that's just my personal problem. LOL

  10. First time flying with EasyJet and I am not a fan of theirs. Two weeks ago, flew from Madrid-Barajas to London-Gatwick, my flight was scheduled to depart at 21:45pm but it was delayed almost 2 hours and ended up departing almost at midnight. The plane and seats were not that bad for a low cost carrier and way better than Frontier or Spirit here in the States, but again that wasn't a good first impression they gave me with a delayed flight.

  11. Great video Mark! Since I'm an alone traveler, or traveling with usually one other person, I'm the kind of guy that is totally okay with going the cheapest route possible. Luckily for me, Norwegian has saved me SO much hassle and money. I don't care where I sit, they have vegan meals, and I don't check a bag. Super saver! Plus, they now fly to Asia too! Score!

  12. Hi! Thank You for the great videos. I have recently fly to Denmark and using Lufthansa Airline which was very surprising how they board passengers. I have been traveling often, but this is the first time to boarding the plane without any kind of organization. Just like first come, first serve to get on the plane. Usually, The Airline boarding passengers by the seat roll.

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