Logan Johnson hát "Love Don & Live 39 Anymore" của Rose Royce cho Top 20 Solos – Thần tượng Mỹ


Logan Johnson hát "Love Do not Live Here Anymore" của Rose Royce trong vòng 20 Solo hàng đầu trên American Idol trước Lionel Richie, Luke …


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  1. Well they don't have anyone this year that sticks out to win it. Unless it the one from last year that came back he's the only one with a really good voice I wouldn't of put any of the other though to Hollywood even sure miss Simon. On this show it has went down hill.

  2. Didn't like this at ALL. You don't sit down with a guitar and CLOSE YOUR EYES with an audience right there. BAD move, dude. This was like a high school performance with slim pickings in the school for talent.

  3. Ohh WOW, so I really liked this guy before this performance, but now after hearing his voice with this song I’m just SO much more in love!! I mean no matter what he’s singing his voice just always sounds so beautiful and pure, I’d HAPPILY buy ANY music he came out with!! (and I’m def already looking forward to that too!!)👌😂👌
    I def didn’t find ANY part of this performance to be ‘sleepy’ or slow/boring, whatever they had said, I just really enjoyed the entire thing!!
    Soo yea this guy is DEF up there in my TOP 3 for this season, along with Jeremiah (come on people he’s NOT even human!! 😂) and Walker Burroughs!! Originally tho I was IN LOVE with (and then SO heartbroken to see him go!!) the guy who sadly lost 2 brothers to suicide, pretty sure his name was Nick, I just really loved his voice, his audition was so beautiful and I was just really looking forward to hearing his next performances ya know, but hey that’s life right, I def didn’t agree with their decision but still I’m SURE this won’t be the last we hear from him anyway!! 😃 (Along with my girl Margie, another BAD decision!! 😩)
    There are some TRULY amazing singers this season tho, but it’s DEF all about the GUYS this year!!👌😃😃👌

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