Lời nói dối ngẫu nhiên của Donald Trump về cha mình


Khi xếp hạng những lời nói dối không cần thiết, dễ bị bác bỏ nhất của Donald Trump, bạn sẽ đặt 'Cha tôi sinh ra ở Đức ở đâu?' Theo dõi "…


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  1. So that disgusting creature is insulting Germans now, saying that anyone from his disgusting bloodline came from Germany is an insult to their country.

    Trump is a pest, one you can't get rid of, an entire bloodline of the worst kind of disgusting pests

  2. sad to see lefties taking a stab at a slip up he made instead of actually constructing arguments against his policies that hate so much it's also hard to believe people are laughing at this guy, late night hosts are why trump will win in 2020

  3. The only thing worse about a president who can't remember which lie is a lie, is a president that lies publicly and commits crimes publicly.. He seems to forget we have something called Census Records.. oh right.. he'd disagree or burn them too.. except the more current ones asking who is not a citizen..

  4. Trump is a liar, a cheater, a thief and a bully. He's certifiable nuts. How does the right explain their fanship to him to their children? A man who would sell you and your family out in a second. There are so many examples of this. All of his friends and work mates are in jail, up on charges and under indictment. Doesn't this make rotten sense to you? I do not understand how people think he is a good man. People loved Hitler too even when they found out what he was doing. Be carefull far right, you all are going to be remembered and hated for what you are about to be a part of. Truly. Signed, Me, a hard working educated patriot who does not cheat, steal, or lie.

  5. Dear orange, it's embarrassing enough that you have german ancestors. You don't have to talk about it because we are certainly glad that we got rid of your kind more than one generation ago. Thank you.

  6. If my report card had straight A's, I wouldn't prevent people from seeing it. If the report says what Trump claims, there's 0 reason for him to be against it's release. Hell, I'd argue if it did say what he claims he'd be posting pictures of it on Twitter with a giant "I TOLD YOU SO". He's a narcissist and doing that would be a massive stroke to his ego.

  7. Manky Trump is saying to the UN SecGen: "We have to investigate the oranges of the hamberders. It's a disgrace to our country if we don't."
    "I'm going to use that in my next speech at the UN………….don't laugh……"

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