Một nước Mỹ không có bơ


Nước Mỹ sẽ trông như thế nào trong ba tuần sau khi Trump đề nghị đóng cửa biên giới phía Nam? Không có gì khác ngoài trailer độc quyền cho …


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  1. If we shutdown the southern border our automobile industry will shut down within one week. (According to a leading expert on the industry) . We get most of our wiring harness from Mexico and many parts we use to make cars in the US. We can't build cars without them.

  2. "The guacamole crisis on 2019 was an Omega level terrestrial tragedy which took place on planet Bozo Earth of Milky Way galaxy Alpha Dwerb Sector within the Plork nebula" Professor Fluroin's Intergalactic Bestselling Data Deerb Disc – Randomoidal Factallisms Volume Twerdillion

  3. This isn't funny! What will the millennials eat?! A whole generation will starve and fade into cyber martyrdom.

    Remember fondly; man buns, sagging tight jeans, ironically wearing glasses, milk being rape, wheat grass making America great again, Facebook pics of the things we used to eat, us thinking we first discovered sarcasm, complaining about living with 672836 roommates just to live, etc etc.

    I bid you adieu, cruel world.

    I said goodnight!

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