Trong khi đó … Ra mắt Rap xấu của Elon Musk


Trong khi đó … Elon Musk ra mắt rap với 'R.I.P. Harambe. ' Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: For …


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  1. So, would you want AI to predict your death? Why or why not? I think I'm leaning towards knowing because then you can plan for it. That said, wow, that is really going to mess with things like life insurance and medical insurance and credit time limits, right?

  2. Why would banana sound out of place on GOT? They have already mentioned having potatoes on several episodes, a tubour native to South America that did not find popularity in Europe until the 16th century.
    How do I know this?
    Because I read history books instead of playing D&D on a Hustler Honeys tablecloth! Unlike some people – GEORGE!!!

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