Gặp gỡ Top 20! – American Idol 2019 trên ABC


Giới thiệu Top 20 American Idol 2019! Alejandro Aranda, Alyssa Manuel


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  1. Based of the top 20 performances:
    Top 14
    Laine Hardy, Uche, Eddie Island, Dimitrius Graham, Walker Burroughs, Alejandro Aranda, Wade Cota, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, Madison Vandeberg, Evelyn Cormier, Riley Thompson, Ashley Hess, Laci Kaye Booth and then either Ryan Hammond or Alyssa Raghu as the final pick. Ideally Ryan but wouldn't mind Alyssa

  2. Johanna Jones was a fabulous singer hopefully she’ll get places even though she not on here she was really good very outstanding and hopefully she finds her way to Hollywood even though she didn’t make it in the top 20

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