Ghé thăm Madrid – 10 điều sẽ giúp bạn hiểu về Madrid, Tây Ban Nha


Thủ đô của Tây Ban Nha, Madrid có rất nhiều điểm tham quan du lịch tuyệt vời để khám phá, nhưng có rất nhiều điều văn hóa có thể khiến bạn sốc về …


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  1. The thing you need to be careful with is hygiene and how they store/keep the food in some of the restaurants and bars. I've lived here for 6yrs and I've had food poisoning too many times here now.

  2. Fortunately I speak Spanish so I get a lot of good info from cab drivers, and one of them told me that Spanish police officers are very honest. Although the paella in Madrid may not be the best, the seafood in general is very fresh. I’ve been to Vigo on the west coast which has huge seafood processing facilities, and by about 0300, the seafood is processed and on the road. People say that the best fish is sent to Madrid because they pay the highest prices.

  3. Of course it's cold in the winter especially in the mountains 40kms north of Madrid where we have the ski slopes. July and August are very hot and dry, nice. One thing the city has all year round the air is very heavily polluted from exhaust fumes.

  4. When you refer to the food and sangria as being crap well you get what you pay for, if you're prepared to pay extra you'll be given the good stuff. Obviously when you're resident here you'll figure out the best places that charge reasonable prices, as can be said for many tourist cities in Europe.

  5. I know its Spain, but considering it's the Capital and they have so much tourism I was shocked how few people spoke English. Examples….
    1. My bag got lost at the airport and neither the woman on my airlines baggage reclaim, the man at lost and found or the police officers spoke any English.
    2. Travelling into Madrid the taxi driver, hotel staff or waiter in the restaurant spoke very basic English so definitely pack a phrasebook.
    3. Travelling from Madrid to Pamplona nobody at the train station or on the train spoke English.
    Also if you tell people (in Spanish) that you don't speak Spanish they will just ignore you and carry on talking to you anyway 😂😂 Gorgeous city though! Amazing food, and the indoor food market was the highlight!

  6. Tip for tourists: If you want to try the Paella around Madrid (Paella is a traditional dish from Valencian Community) you must go to local places. I mean, if you see any restaurant/bar with English, French or Italian promo, don't go in. Search for "Menú, plato del día". It doesn't mean that the food is bad in this kind of touristic places, but if you compare it with the local one, daaaaamn!

  7. The best thing about having a Satan statue 666 meters above sea level is that the statue was put there BEFORE the official measures (sea level in Spain is measured from Alicante) were established.

  8. The biggest snock for me was definitely the meal times, I usually eat lunch around 1 or 2 pm but dinner around 6 or 7pm. 9pm is just so late. I also find people start smoking so young in Spain and also France, I used to see teenagers who liked 13 or 14 all smoking quite often

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