Mẹo về Tạo ảnh cho ảnh (Chân dung)


Dưới đây là một số mẹo dễ dàng để chụp ảnh chân dung! Nếu bạn đã là một chuyên gia trong việc chụp ảnh, thì không cần phải xem video này haha! Để cho…


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  1. Hi, i work in aesthetics and we take pictures before and after the sessions of treaments of our patients, so i am wondering what type of camera and camera lens would you recommand to capture the skin problems clearly (scars, acne, wrinkles…). thank you in advance

  2. Yet another useless "posing" ( What? Where? ) video. No tips, no rules, no angles, no lighting schemes, no system or guide of how-to for different types of looks, no different types of looks also, nothing. Just a common "be positive" blah-blah. 3 minutes of nothing :/

  3. I literally run from cameras and my office is doing staff headshots next week. I'm considering handing in my notice but my family think I'm overreacting. They don't know how many hours I've spent literally watching full tutorials on how to not be camera shy.
    "If all else fails, just smile" she says. Um…last time I had my photo taken, I tried to smile and ended up full on frowning whilst sweating like a pig, my mouth was trying to look happy but just ended up quivering and because I just wanted to die already I looked like a total mess.
    I just cannot smile on queue.
    I'm pretty sure that photo broke the camera.

  4. for the women who say "I never look good in photos" here is a little secret. almost all women feel exactly the same. I'm a photographer and I've tested. If I take a photo with 3 women in the shot and give each of the women a print individually they will ALL say the same thing, the other two look amazing, but "I NEVER LOOK GOOD IN PHOTOS"

    You are always your worst critic. find a photographer you trust and let them see the beauty and then trust. There is always a shot that will make you look good. the right lights, surroundings

    we all have something beautiful about us but society wants us to think there are only certain things that make us beautiful. that is a lie to make you spend money.

    Just be real, be happy with you and bring it, your photos will be better.

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