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Melissa Villaseñor nói về sở thích của mình. #SNL #EmmaStone #BTS # SNL44 Đăng ký SNL: https://goo.gl/tUsXwM Nhận thêm SNL: …


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  1. This is everything but funny. These are the skits that make me remember why I don't watch SNL anymore. I've seen elementary school talent shows with fresher more entertaining skits than this.

  2. They really need to stop trying to capture the Lonely Island magic that those guys had. These songs are terrible and deliberate. It's not a format that these comedians do so they never work. Take more time to write and lay out better skits and stop relying on the hosts to carry the show.

  3. This is VERY strange but in a funny way. Something bout Melissa that clicks. She’s very likable. She needs more time on SNL. I like how u hear her Latino accent when she says “hobbies” over and over in the beginning.

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