Chỉ với một hơi thở, Thợ lặn miễn phí này khám phá một thế giới dưới nước | Giới thiệu phim ngắn


Khi thợ lặn tự do Marese Secades xuống nước, cô cảm thấy không có gì và mọi thứ cùng một lúc. Mọi thứ chỉ tan đi và tôi bước vào …


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  1. Hello, thank you to Nat Geo for the feature and to all of you who appreciates this short film. To address some of the comments here id like to say that I chose to speak in TAGLISH( Tagalog-english) as this is the most natural way of speaking for me and most Filipinos. In the past, the Philippines was colonized by the US and Spain for a couple hundred years and so our language and culture is a mix of all three. There are many words that have no direct Tagalog translation. This is just the way it is, and most definitely not because i want to sound cool as ive seen in one comment or that I cant speak english. This is just how we naturally speak, this is just who I am.
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    Thank you and i hope you all discover and experience Freediving. <3

  2. This is bible reading at its finest. I think she forgot to site her source. . I feel you though but always give our JEHOVAH credit for you words and understandings. . It was probably edited out. But nevertheless I know what she meant. 🤙💯

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