Evelyn Cormier ROCKS with "The Middle" by Jimmy Eat World – Top 14 – American Idol 2019


Evelyn Cormier ROCKS with “The Middle” by Jimmy Eat World during the American Idol 2019 Top 14 round in front of a live audience and judges Luke…


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  1. top 14… honestly how….. most importantly, why?
    i understand wanting to find different, unique, stand out voices, im all for that… but you can find that in someone, who is ALSO an ACTUAL good singer lol.. like common man …

  2. This young Lady is a FREAKING STAR…. SHE CAN SING ANYTHING!!!! It's her VOICE, Stage Presence and FEEL!!! She has IT!!!!
    She commands the stage. WE WILL PAY TO SEE HER!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE HER!!! This was Different and Wonderful!!!!!

  3. This was actually terrible. She sounded like she was holding her nose and singing without breathing. She butchered the song and I cant even believe she made it this far Probably only because she was on 90 day fiance, otherwise terrible singing voice.

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