Guatemala: Phát triển và đa dạng


Sống trong sự sung túc hoang dã như chúng ta ở Hoa Kỳ, thật khó để tưởng tượng các quy tắc thế giới. Hơn 700 triệu người đang trong tình trạng cực kỳ nghèo khổ, …


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  1. The poverty in Guatemala is created by the few who went to German,French and Catholic School and run the country affairs. Please do a story on them to, so that we can contrast the difference…That has always been the problem in South America! Those who could afford private education made sure public school are partially funded…I visited Costa Rica which is supposed to be one of the best countries in S.America… I was not impressed… Thank you for showing what goes on, but you need to show the well offs too!

  2. Rick,
    Love your videos. I too have visited extremely impoverished people in 3rd world countries for many decades. I worry though when we make it political or think government involvement is the answer. Charity is best handled at the personal level. Awareness is the first step I think. Once we think governments need to step in things get mishandled. Personal evolvement and personal charity brings it closer to us. There are many many many countries with people who can use our help.

    Most of the people I talk to about it don’t personally help or get to know the people…they want the government to do it, and that distanced them. Love your videos though…visit Asia, it’s so bad there. A few years ago, we just paid for several families to have concrete floors, decent walls and leak proof roofs. I never though of charity as a political thing, just a heart thing.

  3. Fighting poverty: Taxes (that goes into schools & education), jobs (not from international corps), nature protection (clean energy: solar, wind), waste management (recycling) and democracy (a difficult topic) which includes free press (often not wanted, killing journalist in Malta, Russia etc.). We can do it. Let´s get started. 😉

  4. This has nothing to do with Diversity. This is a human clearly at the Green (sensitive self) level of human development of Intregal Theory or Spiral Dynamics. Rick Steves is the poster boy for Green level, which is wonderful, and “diversity” is the language of the paradigm (careful though my friend, stay there too long and those sensitive traits start taking on a narcissistic tone).

  5. I took down my original comment about travel shows. This is very important info. 750 million living in poverty in 2019 people and governments around the world don't care. Here in the US right now we have a president who certainly doesn't care

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