Celia Babini: "A Thousand Years" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Team Adam’s Celia Babini battles Oliv Blu with “A Thousand Years” in The Voice Cross Battles. » Get The Voice Official App:…


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  1. I think that she has a beautiful voice, but this song choice let her down. In some spots I felt that it lacked emotion or movement as well because the song is not right for her range.

  2. i love celia so much and she took on the song with her whole heart so i rly commend that…but the song choice was a little off. idk i feel like 'ashes' would be a pretty good ballad for her for some reason lol i just get that vibe i guess haha

  3. Soooooo very difficult to sing such an iconically beautiful song (and come even moderately close to Christina Perri)!!! She did have a few nice moments, but overall this song way, way beyond her grasp….

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