Dexter Roberts: "Bel tin" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Dexter Roberts của Team Blake chiến đấu với Andrew Jannakos bằng "Bel tin" trong The Voice Cross Battles. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. I pulled a "Jennifer Hudson" while watching Dexter sing this song last night… I took my shoes off and threw them, then took my husband's off and threw them, and next I threw my kid's shoes. By the time Dexter was through, I had a big o' pile… You killed it Dexter! Great Job… vote team Dexter!!!

  2. Finally, actually moved in the depths of my emotions by a true, natural, gifted singer! Dexter just doesn't try to sound different or exaggerated to get attention like some, but just sings simply beautifully what is inside him! Congratulations, winner!

  3. Dexter draws you in and makes you feel the song deep within your soul. It's very rare to have that ability. Now that's what you call a great country singer. Andrew has a great voice to. But the passion of the song goes to Dexter.

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