Du lịch như một đạo luật chính trị: Bôlivia và Guatemala


Du lịch là một hành động chính trị là gì? Tham gia cùng tôi ở vùng cao nguyên Guatemala ở độ cao khoảng 10000 feet so với mực nước biển để có những suy nghĩ không khí mỏng manh về những gì …


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  1. You the man Rick. I stopped watching PBS because of sponsorship from the Heritage Foundation and the Koch Foundation. Glad to see you can be found on YouTube. If you have not already run for your life from the puppets at state run media I hope you do soon before they see this and smear you for being a Russian asset before they fire you.

  2. Traveling IS a political act. Even when you're not making it so. ESPECIALLY when you're not making it so. Because you're not thinking further than your nose, and you'd rather close your eyes and ears and mind to anything that can bother your "perfect" holiday. But countries are NOT leisure parks, and people are NOT ornaments of the landscape. And the least you should do is to learn something about the country you're about to visit, not only history and arts, or colourful precious little nothings oh, so endearing and picturesque, no, the REAL country and the REAL people. Politics, and social issues too. Traveling should make you learn something about the world, not just to make you take some photos.

  3. It is ALL about bananas, pineapples,oranges, cattle for M's hamburgers, coffee and a heaven for NO taxes while seniors SS checks gets cut back or forfeited entirely when they realize capital gains of various sources… There is "injustices" everywhere… Some people are too busy surfing and do not bather to learn laws that apply to everyday life I.e. Seniors and young people earning minimum wages and on benefits. Who are the payees for the have nots? Who are the beneficiaries? Is the system feeding on itself…? Takecare!

  4. a lot of people were driven to remote places by communist backed Gorillaz too… failed to mention them Rick. They destroied my in laws family home and tried to hunt them down and kill them.

  5. Thank you for discussing real and important issues in oppressed peoples' lives. I'm so glad to see you speaking up about the injustices going on in a sympathetic and understanding, comprehensive way.

  6. So making up some contrived post hoc narrative as an explanation for poverty while you gawk around third world destitute villages is "travel as a political act"? lol, k. I'm sure the natives endlessly appreciate such charitable beneficence.

  7. Stay a travel guide and leave the politics to the people we elected in America. Those countries didn't just get poor. They have been poor for centuries. Thank the cartels. To bad you allowed politics to enter your show.

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