Fox News không thể chứa Bernie Sanders


Có một Sanders bày tỏ quan điểm trên Fox News và, lần đầu tiên, đó không phải là Sarah Huckabee. Đăng ký kênh "The late show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. "Cranky old man". Bad impersonations and miss-understanding what Social Democratic ticket means and could do for his (not rich) fans are really the most we can expect out of Colbert now, I guess. I always thought he was a progressive playing a conservative, not a middling sheep. Shame

  2. What's with all the attacks on Bernie? Bernie's an old fashioned "new deal" liberal, not one of those corporate Democrats Colbert seems to love. Colbert likes the idea of progressive politics, but only of the identity variety, not anything that would effect his pocket book. He's Joe Rogan minus the conspiracy nuts.

  3. Bernie is now a member of the 1% because finally after 70 years he has a net worth of a million? Bullshit. Bernie isn't even close to the 1%. You need about 9 million net worth to qualify for that club. BTW BOTH of the FOX hosts present are considerably wealthier than Bernie, as is every other US senator.

  4. That fox host really self destroyed with that question! Private healthcare plans from employers are a declining trend, as employers keep trying to stop offering the benefit altogether so they aren't the stability and peace of mind indicator that it used to be for employees anymore. The ever worsening private plan's lack of coverage for standard stuff (Unless you pay even more) and the steadily rising co-pays really are adjusting people's views on national healthcare towards more social minded solutions. You don't need to be a genius now to see how we pay the most expensive prices in the world for healthcare while getting the least of it per dollar.

  5. I wish Colbert would acknowledge the difference between self made wealth- like that possessed by Bernie and himself- and inter generational wealth- like that possessed by Trump. Strong inheritance taxes should be reinstituted to put an end to intergenerational wealth so that there can be more individuals who are legitimately wealthy because they did something to earn their wealth, and far fewer entitled little swamp monsters like Donny, who in addition to his billion dollar inheritance (which he increased substantially by commiting tax fraud to avoid paying applicable taxis on his inheritance), was given more money by his billionaire father while he was still a minor than what Bernie Sanders has earned in his entire 70+ years.

  6. I love the show but can’t laugh at what is basically a useless man making not so very funny, kind of mean jabs at the most popular man in the country Sen. Bernie Sanders. The elite centre left are being exposed for heartless snobs they’ve become. Have said that dot dot dot “we love you Steven”

  7. Stephen, I love ya man, but you are literally TWENTY TIMES RICHER THAN BERNIE SANDERS ($45 Million vs $2.5 million). What goes through your head when you say these things? Are you even aware of it? Your income places you in the top 0.01 percent of United States citizens. You could buy out Bernie Sanders and barely feel it. I don't care that you feel like a 'regular Joe' and eat at McDonald's – you were that at one point, but now your children, and the children of your children, will never be hungry or cold for as long as they live.

    Maybe it's because these jokes are written by two dozen 22-year-old comedy writers with a median income, who maybe do feel like Bernie is rich compared to them? And then the jokes get read off the teleprompter by the millionaire hosting the Late Night show?

    You're laughing at somebody because they're poorer than you. Don't be a dick Stephen.

  8. See I love the idea of government provided health insurance, I just don’t want it to affect my current privatized insurance because honestly I love my health provider and they’re pretty decently cheap. See the only problem I can see is government insurance will have a LOT of backlog and won’t be able to quickly assist like privatized does, but hey, if you’re willing to pay the few extra dollars like I am, then it’s definitely worth it, but if not then I’m sure government insurance will be just fine!

  9. This is the third time Colbert has really gone after Bernie, and not that we shouldn't be criticized or be lampooned, but this is so clearly a intentional dig. It's so funny how all mainstream media doesn't want Bernie to win and are, it appears, coordinating to make it so. I wouldn't call the media the enemy of the people like Trump does, but their hands aren't clean in the slightest.

  10. Must be a point of view thing, I watched it and I thought Bernie looked bad and the audience made me feel sorry for the future. They applaud like empty headed little toy monkeys regardless of what is actually being said.

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