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GRAB MỘT SỐ WOLTERS WORLD GEAR London có rất nhiều điểm tham quan tuyệt vời mà khách du lịch và khách du lịch sẽ yêu thích, tuy nhiên …


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  1. One thing i know you shouldn't do when visiting London is Visiting London and the reason why everything is expensive should be self ex-planetary "tourist hot spot", if you travel to the suburbs it's a lot cheaper so is accommodation, there is far more to see in the United Kingdom.

  2. For the main attraction that arent free if you buy any nation rail card at any price, you can get 241 and there leaflets at all the main train station in london giving away 241 and discounts. These are easier to find online too.

    Just be a savvy traveller.

  3. Ok I’m a Brit and I can tell you a lil something about Britain whatever you do don’t say oh that’s so British or oh Britain is so posh it’s 1 annoying 2 it’s just rude. But go down China town it’s so amazing even if you just walk through

  4. . Avoid the south of London, particularly Brixton and Croydon. They tend to get quite rough at times.
    . Definitely try Greggs bakeries and try the sausage rolls as well as the cafes.
    . Go visit other towns like Brighton as well cause you can get trains directly there from London.

  5. Omg do NOT feed the pigeons it gets on everyone’s nerves…
    and please do NOT run anywhere just fast walk or something it kind of makes you look weird😂
    im not from london but im from Wales so it’s the same tbh.

  6. One dont that I discovered in London when I visited in March, don't complain about the bag searches at museums, it takes longer to complain, Bag searches are quick, I was checked at almost every museum because I had a backpack with me and the searches only took a minute or two.

    ''Anything sharp or illegal in the bag?''

    ''No sir''

    Guy then asks you to open the bag, takes a look, provided you have nothing, they will let you close the bag again, all this takes less than 2 minutes

  7. Move out of the way of the ticket barrier in the tube when you go in or out. Don't hover, don't plan where you should be going by the barrier when people are behind trying to get out, get yourself out of the way. Not everyone is a tourist and walking around so slow. We need to go to work. Hence people are walking fast here its either we are on our way to work or home after a long day. Please tourist get out of the way. London is not a huge park. People live here to work too. Don't hold up a que or create a block be considerate of the people who actually lives in this city. And Do not stand on the left side of the escalators in the tube, the instructions are every please follow it. Thank you.

  8. Who the fuck is this twat? he slags off our food, when yankee food is bland and has no real nutritional value it is all calories, which is why they are all so fucking fat.He has the gaul to put down our culture, When the killed what little history the had by killing Native Americans, Because of their greed. That greed is still present in their psyche. They stick their snouts into things that are no concern of theirs. And fuck it all up.

  9. I’ve got a few
    I work in hospitality (hotels) and have many many tourists in my long career so I can give u a few heads up for the Americans and the Europeans

    Always watch were your walking and if you do bump into anyone even if it’s not ur fault always say sorry

    If you see a que in a shop hotel or public transportation DO NOT try and push in. We brits have a mutual respect for lines and organisation and you Will start a argument with a lot of angry people if you push in 🙂

    If a shop assistant or anyone working in customer service talks too fast politely ask them to slow down. Don’t be scared we will.

    Please be aware that thire are over 100 accents in England alone all with different traditions, cultures and customs

    Don’t be scared to ask for directions in hotels or police officers

    You will notice British police do not carry guns

    Always have your passports or photo Id on you at all times

    London is one of the expensive modern cities in the world keep this in mind

    While you are in London you will notice a verity of languages and cultures we are very accepting and open

    If you are in England do not discriminate thire may be something’s you don’t agree with but keep it to ur self!

    Always look right not left when you get to lights

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