Maelyn Jarmon: "Thế giới điên rồ" – The Voice Cross Battles 2019


Maelyn Jarmon của Team Legend chiến đấu với Rod Stokes với "Mad World" trong The Voice Cross Battles. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. Tell Legend to reign it on him and his wife's political speech. You just lost a Voice fan. Idols contestants are better this year anyway but wish the Voice contestants the best success.

  2. Listening to her is like wine-tasting and finding old flavors blending with the new, though ultimately resulting in Unique Maelyn only. That piercing diamond that feels. She has quick emotional changes that take you by surprise, so much so you find yourself effortlessly switching from "a" to "z" and backwards, in full harmony

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