Dimitrius hát "Bạn sẽ ở trong tim tôi" từ Tarzan – Đêm Disney – American Idol 2019


Dimitrius Graham hát "You Be In My Heart" từ Tarzan trong Disney Night trên American Idol 2019 trước khán giả trực tiếp và giám khảo Katy …


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  1. Love his talent, can't wait to see where his future goes. I think he's going to be onen of the people on American idol that doesn't win, but is very successful in his craft. Reminds me of Prince.

  2. I'm not really a fan, but out of all the songs i have listen to thus far his was the most complete. Ticked all the boxes: range, dynamics, living in the words of the sing and more.

    Great performance.

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