Hóa thạch lâu đời nhất của con người bên ngoài châu Phi được phát hiện ở Israel | Địa lý quốc gia


Một hóa thạch của con người được tìm thấy ở Israel đã tiết lộ rằng loài của chúng ta rời khỏi châu Phi sớm hơn 50.000 năm so với suy nghĩ.
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  1. Science is so wrong about our origins all of the time. A big bang and we come from fish and monkeys. Pathetic. First it was we are 20,000 years , then 50,000 …it keeps going. As it should. Our origins are older than the Earth itself. Yea. Earth has been populated by humans for epochs. Some civilizations so old it's dust and you won't find traces. So what happens then? History is so old it's physical traces are eroded completely. So what… we just stop there when we don't find anything older so therefore we aren't either? You can't always rely on purely physical data as a means of proving age, time lasts longer than a pyramid or a sculpture , or a jaw bone. We didn't come from fish, or a Bang. We are older than 'the Bang.' Science can't seem to grasp this. Our view of history is limited to the max. You can't even date it. We are older than the concept of calendars. We have existed on other planes. You won't find evidence of that here, just stories of alien visitors, etc. But that is us. Humans have gone through many different experiences and experiments with multiple realities, and subjective consciousness that would be like having a highly aware dream state. We weren't always as dense as we are now. We experiment with many different variations of our manifestation. Currently we are Industrial and technological computing and believe in distortions from msm and gov. No other time is like this. Other times didn't need to use resources like we do, they used other things like sound or water to power their reality or simply the earths own vitality. There are many different ways in which humans explore the endlessness of time and manifestation. Sometimes there are global changes that help shift one epoch to another to begin a new chapter. There are many variables with our history. It's not just that you find a fossil and date it and Thats the Proof. Not how this works.

  2. Just a fair warning for people: There seems to be some confusion among the pro-Palestinians here. They seem to not understand that this scientific, and historical discovery has literally nothing to do with politics, so they are commenting things like "Free Palestine" and "You mean Palestine." They seem to be very angry about the use of the name 'Israel', so just for political correctness, and for the sake of science, and history lets use the term middle east. I personally do have an opinion about the conflict, but this video is unrelated to it, so please do not try spreading your beliefs in the comments.

  3. Why do articles and videos always talk about “new” fossil discoveries etc and then somewhere in fine print write a discovery date that’s always very old. Like this was discovered almost 20 years ago. No offense nat geo I love the channel and I love these little bits of information you guys post, but it’s not just you guys, I’ve seen this type of thing sooo many times before that when I saw “newfound fossil” I immediately knew that it was going to be at least 8 years old, wasn’t expecting 15-16 years though. What’s up with this? Do the fossils have to sit there for more than a decade before people are allowed to research them ? Does it take that long to do the research in general? Is there new dating methods that didn’t exist till now? Is there some rule that you can’t talk about fossilized findings for at least 8 years? Honestly, I’m not lying, when I saw this I knew it was going to be old,it’s the same story all the time. “NEW FINDING SHOWS DINOSAURS___________!!!!!!!!!!!1111111!!!!!!” And then you read the article and find it was based on findings from ‘94

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