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  1. She cut my hair in steps and I FUCKING HATE IT UGHHHH. I actually asked her NOT to cut them in steps but she was like nah they'll look good on ya and she just quickly cut them off 😭😭😭😭 I'll never go to that parlor again ugh fuck

  2. Have only had time to use this once, I have very curly hair,which tends to be dry,especially the last 6 inches of the length, worked this Argan Rain %100 Pure Argan Oil in,put on a shower cap to contain my body heat, left it on for 2 or 3 hours while I did some chores around the house, washed and conditioned like normal, was very pleased, soft silky hair that I didn't have to yank a comb through, but my curls where there and not weighed down or greasy. I think a deep treatment like that once every week or even every other week will work for me.

  3. HELP
    So I have naturally super straight hair. It does become krimpy/ wavy when I braid it overnight. But before I cut it, it was super heavy and long and wouldnt stay curled when using heat. I recently got it cut to about the size of Ingrids hair in the vid. Would the numi curling wand work on my hair? I was thinking that since it is much thinner now that it might work, but I dont want to make an investment on the numi curling wand just tho have it not work. Plz give me a review/ your experiences on the numi curling wand. Thanks!

  4. lol in the beginning when you described this hair as "messy, all over the place waves/curls" i was like -___- if this is unruly….my natural hair is a giant mess. haha! this is the hair i do when i want my curls to be more neat >.< love it though!

  5. I bought Argan Rain organic shampoo after I saw on internet. when I leave Argan Rain shampoo on my hair for a few min. as suggested by the instructions, I can feel the tingling sensation. And after a few weeks of use, I can see that my skull has denser follicles.

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