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Tôi thích rằng mỗi chiếc giày đều có câu chuyện riêng và bạn càng mang nó, bạn càng trở thành một phần của chiếc giày đó. Chia sẻ đôi giày yêu thích của tôi ngày hôm nay …


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  1. i thought my shoe size was size 5 my whole life until I went into a Nordstrom Rack and tried on 4.5 which fits me sooo much better! I have always accepted that shoes fit sort of big on me until that "ah-haa" moment. anyways, any tips on getting bigger shoes to fit. I have tried the heel grips and they dont work that well.

  2. Yes girl yes do that video on how you finally became self acceptance to being short! Will be interesting! I definitely can relate to you! We are the same height and I used to always wanna wear wedges or some type of heels but now I am like whatever… is what it is! 🤪

  3. me too!! I can only wear size 4 in heels or flats, size 5 in sneakers and boots. I usually get my shoes from nordstrom rack. Can you do a more affordable shoe collection?
    Yes, pls talk about how you've dealt with your height, small size feet, and how you stay so skinny. I'm the same height, and stature as you. My bf always tell me that I'm underweight, look malnourished, and that I should eat more food. I actually eat a lot of food like you, I just have a fast metabolism and have a hard time keeping my weight. It's been a struggle trying to gain weight bc food doesn't stay in my body. Pls talk about how you've dealt with your petite-ness and what you do to gain weight.

  4. I would really love to hear your height acceptance story. I'm just under 5'3" and thought I was happy with my height, but then I started dating my 6'4" SO — 5 years ago now — and I still feel awkward sometimes standing next to him. I think you and Ben have a similarly drastic height difference and would love to know how you've managed it (besides wearing higher heels lol).

  5. Can you share your size in kids shoes? I also buy women's 4/kids 2. Sam Edelman at Nordstrom has been my go-to, but some things like the Hazel pump loosen up and get too big really quickly. That translates to 34 in Gucci. Jimmy Choo in 34 is a full size large. Tod's in size 34 are 1/2-1 size large. Manolo Blahnik 34 is a full size large. Christian Louboutin 34 is a 1/2 size large. Ferragamo Varina in 34 are a full size large, but mini varina in 33 fit, but are narrow (child foot shape) ARGH! …can you point us in the right direction for brands you think run small? Or do you just buy the shoes within a “margin of error" and just pad it to death? I don't want to spend so much money on shoes that aren't perfect, but is that the only option?

  6. I love your Collection videos! Jen, I saw on your Instagram you had the Colourpop Brunch Date stickers. If you have the eyeshadow palette, would you please do a review and a look with it?? I’m such a sucker for cute packaging, but I need your opinion first!

  7. Girlllll I feel you on the height & feet struggle!!! 4’11 and feet size 4, sometimes 5 depending on the brand! Thanks for sharing the stories behind each item, it made the video that much more enjoyable and relatable. Not to mention it shows how humble you are! ❤️

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