Thử thách trang điểm 5 phút! Full Face tuyệt vời cho mùa hè :)


Chào các bạn! Cảm ơn bạn đã yêu cầu tôi thực hiện thử thách này! Tôi đã làm một cái cách đây 4 năm và hãy nói rằng thật đáng xấu hổ ok nếu bạn thực sự muốn …


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  1. hi there! i miss you sooooo much! its been a looooong time since i watched your videos because i lost track. i mean your website was gone in my stickies in my laptop. i remember the last time i watched your video, i was a homegirl and now i have a work already yey! haha. and maybe, have enough money to buy stuff that you also have. hihi.. thanks for all of your videos.  since now and then i really like your face and the way you talk, especially before when you were still wearing your braces and alsoooooo the view of your room and your house haha! im one of your filipina fan here in the philippines. 😉

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  8. I do the same exact thing with my mascara!!! For my right eye I use my right hand and for my left eye I use my left hand!!! And how do you get you teeth so white?!?! Their brighter than the white in you eyes!!

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