Explore a Ghost Town in Southern Italy | National Geographic


In southern Italy’s Calabria region, the ghost town of Roghudi Vecchio is not far from its former inhabitants’ new homes, but the area’s…


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  1. People went to the mountains when Byzantium lost the supremacy in medditeraneo sea and the Arabs start looting the city's around the coast all over Italy Greece and Anatolia ..all this happened at the 7-8 century …anyway at 1980s people start leaving their villages and the return to sea coast ,or emigrate to the north Italy and Europe…of course many of them went to America's USA and Argentina

  2. so what did people do to thrive there? grow grapes on terraces or what? it's such a beautiful place! i'd love to move there with all my friends and family, but it does look like a tough place to garden and farm!

    Immigration is a beautiful thing! Emigration can be heartbreaking though.

  3. A revolução industrial tem o seu contributo não tem?? Desertificação das vilas, aldeias no interior em contraponto com o excesso de pessoas no litoral …migração e emigração… Há pessoas a comprarem ilhas, terras desertas… isto torna-se já um apanágio!!

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