Giá nhà đang giảm mạnh (trong Tháp Trump)


James Corden xem xét các tin tức trong ngày, bao gồm các báo cáo rằng giá bất động sản trong Tháp Trump của thành phố New York đã giảm mạnh …


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  1. And yet your only argument for his corruption is that “oh he’s a billionaire and therefore must be greedy and corrupt” – can you not tell perhaps that Maybe it’s the Clintons/Mcains/the traditional elite families who have gained the most money and political power since having used their office for personal gain.

    Yet most of you think it’s funny (whilst you know only a snippet of the greater situation) . Ignorance is dangerous attribute. Whilst you think you are at the top , you’ll soon realise how far beneath others you are.

  2. I’m so sick of late night talk shows, meant to be fun and entertaining, bringing politics into the show. Not only bringing politics in, BUT poking fun at the most powerful man in the world. Not everyone wants to hear your liberal agenda. Grow up. He’s President.

  3. james!!! we want day6 on flinch!! please consider contacting them next time they are in america, they’re very funny guys and i’d love to see who’d win. they’re a band under jyp hehe :b

  4. Drumpf is actually clearing a profit of tens of millions dollars on that building by renting offices to his campaign staff and presidential security staff even though occupancy has fallen at an astonishing rate for NYC.    Can we say Emoluments?

  5. Who cares about Trump Tower? Home prices have risen across the country because of the upturn in the economy thanks to Pres. Trump. He's been getting government off the backs of small businesses which allows for them to flourish.

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