Kelly và Rod Stokes Hát "Những cơ hội" của Bob Bober và Martina McBride – Kết quả Top 8 của The Voice


Kelly Clarkson và Rod Stokes biểu diễn "Chances Are" trong kết quả bán kết Top 8 của The Voice Live. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. This was the guy who said he was like male Kelly Clarkson right? I'm glad he ended up on her team. I wish he'd made it to the finals. They sound great together. Kinda sad it's not a triple for Kelly but the show seemed kinda rigged for Blake to win this season. His artists got the final spot early on so they had the last impression with the audience. Kinda like they tell you to be the last person interviewed so that you are the last thing the interviewer remembers. It was just a matter of manipulating a thing or two to keep momentum going for his artists. Oh well.

  2. The idea that Rod and Shawn were in the insta save sums up this season…..there is a more deserving "voice" from each of the elimination weeks watching from home with us, than at least one of the "voice"s who will be in the final four….

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