Kết quả lưu tức thì: Andrew Sevener vs Rod Stokes vs Shawn Sound – The Voice Live Top 8 kết quả


Andrew Sevener, Rod Stokes và Shawn Sound tìm ra ai sẽ chuyển đến The Voice Live Finale. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. You can’t mix apples with oranges. I’ve stated years ago their should be sub-categories ie Pop, Opera, Soul, Country.
    Vote for winners in each. This is the fairest way. The way it’s set up now, you’ll always have the country audience vote for the country singers and the pop for the pop.singers. I say change the rules or you will always have this rift. And biased comments.

  2. Well To be completely honest with all of you guys I wish Shawn or Rod would of made It through to Next week finals Instead of Andrew But at the same time I knew already Neither one of them would stand A chance. Because, This happens every season, I never forget When Noah Mac got Eliminated during The Semifinals Results Season 13 Instead of Red Marlow!!!

  3. This is the part i dont like bout the voice, the people votes. But rules are like that, even with a guy like Shawn that signs 100 times better than the other 2 guys if you like the beard ones.. theres nothing we can do about it. Shame.

  4. Should Team Blake win, all who struggle may find solace at the breast of our Lord Jesus Christ. He is bigger than your collective anguish, and has very long arms, there is room for all Voice fans, dwindling in number though they appear to be, within his grasp.

  5. This season just screams déjà vu from season 7. For those who didn’t watch the show then. Team Adam practically dominated the live shows and he got all 3 members (Matt, Damien, and Chris) of his team in the finale while Blake only had one in Craig. Against all the odds, Blake and Craig ended up winning the season. Pretty ironic that the shoe could potentially be on the other foot with Blake lol

  6. Just as I thought. All white and country + Maeyln! Only three black singers won the Voice in the past. Only one Asian (mix) won in the past. It will ALWAYS be about WHITE & COUNTRY. And none of the top 3 will even sell enough to be big. They will again disappear in no time!  Rename the show : The White and Country VOICE !

  7. I only disliked the video because everyone else did. 😀 Let's see who gets robbed next. People are gonna say if Maelyn wins the others were robbed. Maelyn should win. She's the best right now and I'm betting a lot of Shawn fans are gonna throw all their votes towards Maelyn and Dexter. They are officially my top 2 now. I love Gyth too but Dexter really proved that he is a stronger country singer than Gyth is. Gyth's is more heavenly while Dexter actually has RANGE and EMOTIONS at the same time.

  8. The Voice this season just suck… All were country singer… There have the competition that focus on country singer right? I seen the commercial but not so focus on in… Please to non country favourite, vote for Maelyn/team Legend…

  9. I can not believe Shawn is not in the finals…. let alone not saved, #itisknown
    Rod deserved to be saved over Dexter (although he did choose a great song for the insta save and naiwsl it)….. and we already have a Dexter in the finals so now what do we have to watch next week?
    Maelyn VS Dexter VS Dexter VS Gyth (AKA cute Dexter) seems redundant…
    Congratulations Maelyn!!!! 👑🎤🎼🎙🎶🔒

  10. Wow-I am speechless! I don’t like undermining anyone’s talent because like it or not Blake’s team are very talented however, Shawn?!? He was equally as good as maelyn and it’s called the voice? I’m so surprised he was part of the instant save yet even more shocking he didn’t get the votes to move forward. What a joke.

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