Lưu ngay lập tức: Âm thanh Shawn hát Bruno Mars & # 39; "Đó là điều tôi thích" – Kết quả Top 8 của The Voice Live


Âm thanh Shawn của Team Legend biểu diễn "Đó là điều tôi thích" trong kết quả bán kết Top 8 của The Voice Live. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. This was bad. Shawn thinks he is on Bruno level. This was a mess. He is too big to be running around and all that jazz. He tried to cruise and sing a song that was fun and not vocally strong. A real shame…maybe he will get a deal. Or go try out for The Four with his cocky self!

  2. Okay so Tyshawn and Zaxai got robbed last season and now Calvin Presley Matthew Beth and Shawn, all robbed by white country, when you close your eyes and listen to Gyth, Andrew, and Dexter you literally can't tell who tf is "singing" This show is so freaking garbage right when it goes to the voting

  3. Mikaela, jackson marlow, rizzi myers, andrew jannocks, beth grifith mannley, jej vinson, shawn sound and rod stokes all robbed by three average singers from team blake , maelyn needs to win this no pressure but she has to give justise toward all the people iv mentioned since it shouldve been them who entered th top 13 instead of the whole blake team

  4. I'm going to stop watching The Voice. These singer's with great voices that have stage presence and are ready to do concerts always get knocked out. I like Country too… But there is no way… How did Sean Sounds end up out? I'm done with the voice. They need judges and no audience participation…. Stopped supporting Idol and DWTS for the same reason. It's a waste of time! The polls are rigged

  5. People with real ears know damn well he deserved a spot in the finale! As an African American, I'd never go on this show, unless u choose Blake as your coach, cause that's the only way you'll have a chance at making it to the finale. 🤷 #Robbed

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