Lưu ngay lập tức: Andrew Sevener hát bài "Người đàn ông đơn giản" của Lynyrd Skynyrd – The Voice Live Top 8


Andrew Sevener của Team Blake biểu diễn "Người đàn ông đơn giản" trong kết quả bán kết Top 8 của The Voice Live. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. All the hate aside, and he obviously has PLENTY of fans too, I like Andrew. I actually think he's been giving the best performances of Blake's singers most of the time. It was kind of funny though the way it worked out. I didn't notice it live but watched it back on YouTube and it looked and sounded like just before the announcement that he turned to Rod Stokes and said "It's not going to be me." Guess that explains the look of complete shock when it was him.

  2. I've never been a fan of Dexter but this is an amazing song choice and a well done rendition. You're not my choice Dexter but I give you my due respect, you performed when you needed it the most. good luck

  3. It's really a disadvantage to have 3 country music singers from the same coach in the finale because country votes go in three different directions. Last time Blake had three in the finale the one from the other coach won. So, this is a big advantage for Maelyn and John. Even when Blake has two in the finale they do not win because votes are split.

  4. I didn't think this was his best performance. He's had better performances than that. His cross battle performance was his best still and I wasn't loving this performance. I felt something was off here as he didn't seem connected. Is he still sick?

  5. Now Now I know y'all are pissed that your ideal Top 4 didn't make it through or your favorites. But hear me out on this … at the end of the day this is JUST A TV SHOW , sure America's votes may have been trifled with by the producers . And the new format didn't please a huge majority of the voice fans but although this happened I feel not surprised but as , this was bound to happen but if anything the other emotion i'm feeling would be wow . Not the bad one , but the fact that yes , Blake has 3 contestants and John only has one , but can y'all come through with the votes America ? Fairly this time? But have Maelyn or Gyth win , I'm begging of you! Note: I've watched the show since Season 3 / aside from this mini speech of sorts , I actually favored Andrew's performance this time around as it was definitely more balanced than Shawn's and that's saying quite a lot and knowing you guys y'all are ready with your pitchforks to come at me . But don't and feel free to watch other shows while you're at it if you don't care for the show anymore. May I suggest "This Is Us" or "American Idol"?
    BTW- Don't even bother @ing me ! We don't need to argue over something that's MY OPINION AT THE END OF THE DAY , as I'm entitled to my OPINION as much as you are , okay?

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