Lưu ngay lập tức: Rod Stokes hát NEEDTOBREATHE "Brother" – Kết quả bán kết Top 8 của The Voice Live


Nhóm Stokes của Kelly biểu diễn "Brother" trong kết quả bán kết Top 8 của The Voice Live. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của The Voice: …


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  1. Consistency is his big problem. This song was really good. His duet with Kelly was way off. So he deserved to go home. I don’t agree that Gyth should have gone through based on last night’s performance. He goes off key so much. Shawn deserves it more than he did. But hey, votes are what count. I feel people voted more for the song than the SINGER.

  2. you got better each week, IMO this guy belongs in the finals not the insta save… amazing gravely voice, impressive range and control that just seemed to improve! Most importantly you made me feel the music, you are going to make audiences connect with you!! Now go have an amazing career, sky's the limit!!!!!

  3. IMO – This was the runner up esk performance to me , I felt as if this was the right song, but when your under the stress of the "Instant Save" it's quite the situation to be in. He did alright but not as great as say Andrew. Don't @ me please?! I beg of you!

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