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Này những người thất tình! Tháng này tôi đã trở lại với son bóng và phát hiện ra một loại dầu gội khô có tác dụng RẤT NHIỀU cho tóc đen! Tôi bị ám ảnh. Gì…


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  1. Yes when I was a teenager there was this cherry cola lip gloss I was in love with! To my devastation they stopped making it. It was the most beautiful sparkly cherry colored lip color ever! and it smelled and tasted exactly like cherry cola. The closest thing I've found was a shade by Milani that was kind of a burnt rusty sparkly red color… Anyway….sigh

  2. Hi Jen, please upload a video about OOTDs or fashion for spring/summer. We are about the same height and maybe same size so I'm interested in finding out where you shop. Like what stores have petite enough sizes to fit tiny girls… Thanks

  3. You look so lovely, Jen! I’ve been watching you since the very beginning, so I know when certain makeup products are nostalgic to you 😆 For me, that lip gloss was the Revlon Super Lustrous Lip Gloss 😮 When I decluttered them (I had 2) last year, I had a mild heart attack lol I kept holding onto them because there was so much product left, they were sticky but had great pigmentation and you can’t get them anymore 😫 Those made my early college days more bearable 😂

  4. Hey Jen, I kinda hate you (kidding)
    But here’s why I’m mad (not really) at you!!!!
    YOU GOT ME HOOKED ON THE SKII treatment essence a couple years ago and it’s sooooo dang expensive 😭
    The difference it makes is so subtle until I run out of it and then my skin turns to shite, so I’m forced to repurchase it!
    I’ve literally spent like $800 on it at this point because the smallest bottle alone, is $100…
    But I can’t live without it and it’s truly transformed my skin so I LOVE YOU for getting me hooked on it but I also AM MAD AT YOU because my wallet is extra light, every time I have to re purchase it 😂💕💕💕

  5. I’m so happy Jill Stuart Beauty Japan is available in US now. I recently purchased Forever Juicy Oil Rouge Tint from their site and that is my march favorite 🙂 It’s so pretty but not just packaging, lip product itself is very comfortable to wear. My lips tend to get super dry with most of tint lip products, but it didn’t happen with this one❤︎
    I also love Lip Blossom and their blushes.

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