25 người đàn ông Cộng hòa cấm phá thai ở Alabama


Những người đàn ông đứng sau dự luật phá thai hạn chế của Alabama đang nói rõ rằng họ không hiểu đầy đủ về cách thức sinh con. #Colbert #Monologue …


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  1. The US is on record that the practice of writing law that controls or affects people once in another country or legal jurisdiction, and co-opting doctors to be agents of the state, are characteristics of despotism and authoritarianism (see negotiations of Helsinki Accords in the 1970's). Both of these anti-democracy practices are present in this Alabama legislation. This is a classic definition of regressive law. If these 25 male Republicans think it is okay to write law affecting people once in Canada where only Canadian law applies, for example, then surely it is okay for Sharia Law to be enforced in Alabama, for example? There isn't a liberal or left-wing practice as invasive as this law. Anonymous paid informants and a secret police commonly assist with this kind of 'post-democracy' society and will help Alabama enforce such laws. And history reveals that once established in principle, there will be more behaviour control laws emerging. Nor is a canon of acceptable beliefs far off. When coupled with a tax revolt history called this 'The Dark Ages'. Those lasted a thousand years.

  2. Gobb0gobb0GOOOOO!!!(Cue the Flinstones theme)

    ♪ ♫ Christians, Right-wing Christians

    they're the fundie nutjobs of the west

    From the middle ages, or just maybe 1956

    Clueless to their own hypocrisy

    Don't care 'bout the baby refugees

    Christians, kooky Christians, screamin' for a gob0goo's right, the gob0goo rights, 'cause women are just ribs! ♫ ♪

  3. If any of those women-hating Kochsuckers in Alabama had daughters who were RAPED by a BLACK man, you can bet that FETUS would be torn out of the womb with 24 hours!!! Welcome to the 18th Century Alabama!!

  4. Maybe Alabama isn't the state who should set sex rules. I mean after they banned sex ed 20 years ago their STD rate shot up to nearly 1 in 6 people, by far the highest in the country and even world wide it was up there…

  5. I think its about time that we make a new law, all men will be required to wear a chastity belt 24/7 for life. If they are single, their Mom is the keeper of the key. If they are married their partner is keeper of the key. If they are an orphan the key is locked up forever until they marry, if they dont want to wear the belt, we just cut off the offending organ and they can be eunichs…. this law should be archaic enough to satisfy them. LOL

  6. 2:15 "… though it may be the last time those republican men will be coming for a while…" which is probably why pregnancy via rape is not outlawed by those very men. Sadly, the governor of Alabama is a woman.

  7. My wife (who is American) tells me that there is already an 'underground railroad' to help women go out of state for abortions and as doctors can't legally disclose a patients records they can't be imprisoned when they come home.

  8. Abortion is the termination of a pregnancy by getting rid of a human fetus. There is a dilemma there. Either the termination of a human fetus is the killing of an innocent life or it is not. If the termination of a human fetus is the killing of an innocent life, then the millions of abortions under Roe v Wade are immoral. If the termination of a human fetus is not the killing of an innocent life, then the millions of abortions under Roe v Wade are moral

  9. Question: Does this law make large amounts of money for lawyers? Seems a new industry of women trying to prove a child's father and men fighting it has been given a huge boon.

    Question: Is this a "heartbeat law"? If so it seems that pharmaceutical vendors of morning-after pills have just been given a huge development and sales incentive.

    Question: Do these laws make huge numbers of voters within demographics seen as helpful to any political party?

    Know this: It's never about God. It's never about you. It's about money and power.

  10. Ok, it seems the Republicans with power are simply idiots who dared to dream…I not bashing all Republicans, but if you are one with any sense at all, do your job and vote for Republicans that are actually intelligent and for the people (not corporations)

  11. If a fetus is a human life, then every benefit a person receives for having a dependent should kick in as soon as a woman is pregnant. Taxes, for one, but there are many others. Did they grant that as well?

  12. Alabama, Mississippi, Ohio, and Georgia.

    Boy we need more people from THOSE states don't we.

    We're in a time in this nation where many of the problems our society faces is a result of horrible people making unwanted babies who in turn become horrible people.

  13. Alabama voted for the local government they have, so if they want better, they will have to vote better. This bill will force rape and incest victim to give birth. Then women could victimized again by a judge who forces her to give parental rights to her rapist. When Back Alley Abortionists start popping up in Alabama, don't be surprise. Face it, if making something illegal would stop something from happening, we wouldn't have rapist, murderers and thieves.

  14. I have mixed emotions on this. I recognize that if my mother had aborted me when I was just an embryo I would not be here today which makes me realize that I have always been human from the beginning.

    At the same time I don't feel that I have the right to impose my personal feelings on another woman. That's her choice what she does it's between her and her personal mind set.

    I mean if a father or other family members rape a young girl and leaves a baby it has to a really super sick experience for the victim and later the child once he/she learns the truth. That choice should be left up to her. IMHO.🤓

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