Làm cho phòng khách sạn của tôi trở nên ấm cúng


Khi tôi đi du lịch, tôi thích các khách sạn cũ vui nhộn với đặc tính hiệu quả của các khách sạn hiện đại. Nhưng mỗi khách sạn – trên thực tế, …


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  1. We tried the sign on the door for no changes and the maid did it anyway! Twice!! Lol. Since we did it just to save on laundry, not to save how we placed things, we just let her do it, who am I to force my water and soap saving philosophy on a hotel not concerned with it 😉

  2. In his videos, he is usually using a laptop, so I assume he writes his articles and scripts using it.
    I'm also curious how much time he spends each night writing.
    I also want to know the secret to possessing all of that energy!

  3. Rick, I watched your behind the scenes special in Milan and many of the questions I posed in my earlier comment were answered in that special. I suggest other viewers check it out to learn more about your writing process and script development.

  4. The rubber mattress covers are indeed for spills and night time accidents as described as well as keeping sweat and skin cells out of the mattress …..Bedbugs BTW can hide in the drawers, bedframe and the sheets waiting for a host

  5. Rick, thanks for sharing this particular video with us. Taking it a step further, I think many of us fans would enjoy a bit more about your travel writing process. How much of your day and/or evening do you spend writing? Do you write on a laptop or longhand? A favorite pen and notebook perhaps? I think a video like that would just further enrich the intrinsic value of your travel books and programs.

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