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Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Dưới đây là hướng dẫn sử dụng Zoeva Ca-cao Blend Palette! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo! Sản phẩm tôi …


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  1. I have the chocolate bar palette and the modern renassiance palette. I want the cocoa blend palette but I feel it's somewhat similar to what I have. Is it? Or which other zoeva palette should I get?

  2. Hi Kathleen,
    i`m not sure if you had done a review of Zoeva products in general, because i`m a bit short of time to watch all the videos, but i wanted to ask you for one if possible.
    I am living in Cyprus and unfortunately here the choice of make up is…..almost none:((( They have just one shop with high end cosmetics, Mac and Inglot….you can barely find some nyx products…some other not really nice ones and that`s it…The prices of the high end are terrible and then whatever i want to order online like makeup geek, or other from the States needs about a month and a half to come in Cyprus if it doesn`t get lost…and the shipment cost is more than 30 euro for a small package…. anyway, i need to find a brand to ship to Cyprus in normal time and in normal prices…i found Zoeva products, but have no idea if they worth it? Thanks a lot for your help (i was waiting for a few Sigma brushes a month and a half to come in Cyprus, after they lost the first package:(((()

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