Một phép ẩn dụ về sữa chua cho năm 2020 với & # 39; Pod Save America & # 39;


Những người dẫn chương trình 'Pod Save America,' Jon Favreau, Jon Lovett và Tommy Vietor, có một phép ẩn dụ về sữa chua đông lạnh để đưa cuộc đua Dân chủ năm 2020 vào …


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  1. I like Warren, but bad decision. Dems should be shoving their way onto Fox news programs every chance they get. How else are their viewers ever going to hear any other points of view? The "let's not legitimise Fox" argument is a bogus reason the establishment (both left and right) came up with because they WANT to keep the American people divided and distracted with incendiary social issues like abortion rights, so that they don't unite around issues like wages, unions, war, healthcare and money in politics. Classic divide and conquer.

  2. centrist pieces of shit being presented as left wing opposition? of course, why not? after all this is america the land where nothing means anything and only money rules the land.

  3. It's fascinating watching neolib empty suit centrists trying to find their place in this mess. Did one of those idiots actually say "bipartisanship" with Republicans, as if that's a possibility? It wasn't 10 years ago and it still isn't now, idiots.

    Everyone notice how not one single policy was discussed? How about analysing why white women keep voting for the men who want to subjugate them? Is that some kind of sub fetish, white women?

    I swear, if American neolibs actually stood for anything that isn't their bank balance, it would be pure trash.

  4. I used to like these guys when I first heard about them, but then Sam Seder of the Majority Report covered them once, and I kind of lost their respect, and now that I see they were once Obama staffers, it's starting to make sense to me. They're basically Neolibs, which are part of the problem. Neo-whateveryouare, only works if you are rich or a corporation. It's the last thing we need right now.

  5. You know, just voting Democrat isn't "saving America". I abhor Donald Trump, but not for one second do I think that someone like Warren or Beto is going to be a panacea that cures this country of its problems. What we need is less hard-line partisan politics and more empathy for those we don't agree with. There are too many extremist on both sides all too willing to vilify those who disagree with their particular beliefs and it's causing such a huge divide that we may never recover. You can't force your own ideology on people, but you can take a minute to try to understand how they feel, sit down with them, and have a civil conversation to find common ground. When I look at the left and right, all I see is 2 sides of the same coin. Narrow minded people that want to forcibly inject their ideals on everyone else, and that's the true evil. America, I'm begging you, PLEASE, consider the fact that someone isn't bad just because you have different beliefs and let's start a dialogue of cooperation.

  6. The title should be "Pseudo Liberals appreciating high-moral ground shown by a Republican senator.". So the man who's actually trying to close the divide and bring the country closer by going to a hostile environment to talk to voters on the other side of the aisle is enabling right-wing extremism. So much honesty in this clip.

  7. these guys are so fake. if warren was the one who went on fox and bernie refused, they would say "yknow what? going on fox shows real maturity, it shows that you're willing to talk to people who aren't exactly like you. that's called being a grown-up, and showing you're going to be the president for all people, not just some".

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