Octavia Spencer đã tận hưởng mọi thứ về London


Với Henry Winkler ngồi cạnh cô, Octavia Spencer chia sẻ ký ức yêu thích của cô về Fonzie. Sau đó, James hỏi Octavia, làm mới chuyến bay từ …


17 Nhận xét

  1. Btw, London isn't posh, it never was posh ever, I have never seen any Londoner whether they're white, black, Asian speak they way she does. You know why….. because Londoners don't speak like that, we haven't spoken in that accent since the 30s

  2. I'm from London and I've no idea which part Olivia went to cos it sounds like she went back to the 30s lol… rich tourists only ever see the posh ends with all the fake regalness the true London is dank and dangerous and a melting pot of all accents and nationalities

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