Tổng thống Trump có rất nhiều kỳ thi dự định cho người nhập cư


James Corden xem xét các tin tức trong ngày, bao gồm cả Tổng thống Donald Trump tuyên bố tình trạng khẩn cấp quốc gia về các mối đe dọa chống lại Mỹ …


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  1. Me:Mr james can i get 4 tickets to the late late night show

    James:If you help me with the exam

    Me:im not American im philipino

    James:how are you speaking American so good

    Me:I study well

    Me:to all the people reading this god bless you and study well

    Jemes:*gives 4 tickets to me*

  2. There's actually nothing unusual about requiring a citizenship exam and language proficiency exam. I just had to do both of those things to get my German citizenship (fuck you Brexit!).

  3. People, when I wrote my comment below, there were not many others written. Nevertheless, the comments claimed for several different people that they were first, second, or third. The others of the first ten were equally vacuous.

    My text is long. But it is infinitely more important in content than people claiming- incorrectly- to be the first to comment.
    Please take the time to try to read it.

  4. Trump worries about security, and refuses to use his safe phone. Trump wants immigrants to abide to the law while republicans tell Don Jr and Bill Barr to refuse testimony.
    It could get worse…

  5. "To which immigrants said, 'You first' . . .
    And then they said, 'You first' "

    That's the EXACT two words that came to my mind when I heard this.
    Before Congress approves this immigration plan they need to tackle the DACA problem and get some resolution on reuniting the already separated families at the Border; those are two givens that the Democrats should not move 1/16 of an inch on.

    Then they need to insist that trump pass all four of his proposed tests before requiring immigrants to.
    Until trump is held to those standards, it is incredibly and facetiously stupid to make immigrants seeking asylum do so.

    It's a given that trump can't pass a reading test; and that his English- both typed on Twitter and as spoken at his rallies and his trips across the Rose Garden- is worse than ANY previous president, including GW Bush. dnt just can't speak English better than a third grader.
    That trump is NOT the healthy thing his personal physician says he is- hell, he's shorter than 6'3", he weighs more like 329 than 239 pounds, and he's addicted to Adderal- is as plain as the chins on his face and the fat-fucking cheeks on his ass.
    As for passing a Civics test, he'll probably ask why he needs to take a test on what he knows about Japanese compact cars- and he knows at least as much about the car, but probably more, than he does about ANY form of Social Studies, including Geography, Psychology, Philosophy, and World and US History. He can't prove his employability to hold a job because he has NO successful experience doing REAL WORK in his entire life, ever. The only thing he even tries to do for more than 4 hours per day is play golf, and that can't be called "work" because he's not a professional, he can't play professionally without a PGA Card, and he will never be able to earn that, in part because cheating can be cause for disqualification.
    [Come on, trumpturds, and challenge me if you dare to say trump could play 72 holes of golf and end with ANY score without being assessed massive penalty strokes por violating all the rules]. Hell, he pays no more attention to the Time-honored Rules of Golf than he does to its baby brother, The Constitution of The United States of America.

    Bottom line is that trump wouldn't know shit if it hadn't been silver-spoon fed to him all his mangy, worthless life.

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