Boxycharm tháng 11 Unboxing | 2015


Này, các bạn! (XEM IN HD) Đây là video Boxycharm hàng tháng của tôi! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn đã xem! xoxo! Sản phẩm trong …


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  1. I watched this video to see your review of the Luxie 211. You never really held up the brush and showed a good view of it. You swung it and wung it around … you flipped it … tapped it … and picked with you fingers … and then you shook the sh*t out of it up close in front of the camera and it looked like a darkened out vibrating blur.

  2. i swear to god i got rid of most of the youtubers i'm following cos they're all …. unfunny and superficial it drivers me crazy, i'm so glad i subscribed you're just the complete opposite! so refreshing to find yew

  3. I just got my November box today !!!!!! I don't know why I feel upset about when my December box will come.. I want the box before Christmas tho, I've seen this video multiple times and i watched again after I get my box.. It's just so amazing to hear your voice , and I get cheer up just watching your videos I know the box will get good deal and I love the make up this month too! I mean November 😅 love you Kathleen I hope see your December box soon!😍😍😍😍😍

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