Sau khi loại bỏ: Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Shawn Sound & Rod Stokes (Trình bày bởi Xfinity)


Kim Cherry, Carter Lloyd Horne, Shawn Sound và Rod Stokes nói về trải nghiệm tuyệt vời của họ trên The Voice và điều đó giống như khi làm việc với …


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  1. This has been the worst season ever. Country fans rule the show. So many extremely talented singers didnt make it while mediocre country singers did. If Maelynn doesn't win, and one of blake's over-rated country bumpkins does, I will never watch this show again. There have been very few seasons where the most talented make the finals, let alone win.

  2. 0:41 #truth, I enjoyed Kim this season, she def had fun! and Blake was 100% right!! she is 1 of a kind on these shows, don't think she was the winner but genuinely happy for her, she did great and clearly had fun!!
    I wish Shawn and Rod were in the finals…
    Maelyn will win
    Gyth will come in 2nd
    I can't wait until the blinds next season, I've come to realize the blinds are the only thing I enjoy about this show (and the block is dumb…!!!!)
    I'ts not about the coaches NBC, they should be a great enhancement, that's it though… I love Blake and Adams banter like an old married couple…
    I like how everyone picks on Kelly and she fights right back!
    John Legend has been a great fourth Coach…
    Bottom line…. IMO you're screwing around with it too much….!!!! It's called the "VOICE" let the talent sing, allow ALL the coaches to throw their hat in the arena, allow the performers to choose.
    From there, as far as navigating through the elimination rounds I would like you to fix this mess of a popularity contest you created this season….. maybe just put it back the way it was… was it broke before?

  3. Will miss you Carter! So unfortunate what happened in the semis, but I know we will see you again in the future! You touched so many people since your audition! This was just a step on your journey, you have that star quality keep working hard and you will get there. Will always be here supporting your career! Can't wait to see what you do next!

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