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Đã cập nhật 2017 – Gần đây tôi đã rời khỏi Ipsy và hiện tôi đang theo đuổi những nỗ lực mới 🙂 một cộng đồng làm đẹp mới mà tôi đã tạo 🙂 và …


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  1. I have been with Ipsy over 3 Years , I recently Upgraded to Glam Plus , The First Month I receive a Bottle with the Top part Damaged I guess in Shipping . I contacted Ipsy , I purchased 2 Different Bottles , And was in Hopes that would Work , But there some kind of Sparkles in it that prevents the Bottles from Working . I paused My Membership , Because the More Exspensive Bag 25.00 a Month if an item is Damaged or missing then Ipsy will give you 5.00. I think this a Bad way to treat your Customers , There Lodgic to it 5 items cost 25.00. I'm not stay with Ipsy if this is there way to Handle items in Glam Bag plus. I can't replace the item for 5.00 .

  2. Oct 2018 everyone 🙂 you know this video is so inspirational to me when i first watched this back in 2012. This became my tools for life goals. While i was deciding to quit my job, i watched this so many times to keep myself okay. I missed Michelle now. If she knew the impact she had for so many dreamers 🙁 sometimes i felt she became selfish when she left her viewers just to mind her sanity. I mean, we are all in this together. Its all in the past now and i wish to the stars she will be back as normal as if nothing happens. We missed you Michelle! ❤️

  3. Not sure if this will get to you or you would see my message I have been under review for about a little less than a year. And when I checked on my status I was told I was excepted and then later found out they confuse me with someone else so I was very sad about that. I was informed I was not excepted but yet it still says under review. Can you please tell me what I need to do to be excepted. I contacted your customer service but haven’t received a reply to my last email I figured you’re the perfect person to ask

  4. ive been registered on ipsy for 11 months and ive loved it, most of it are samples, but i love them because i get to try it, if i like it, i check somewhere else to buy it as a full product and if i dont, it doesnt hurt a lot if i discard it or i give it to my mom to see if she likes it

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